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Innovative Dental Professionals hygienist Donna Grezegorek, Oral Cancer Foundation fundraiser

Director of Hygiene, Donna Grzegorek, Is Top Fundraiser for Oral Cancer Foundation!

From Donna:

As you know I am very passionate about early detection.  I have performed complimentary oral cancer screenings in the community for the past three decades.  Most recently, (the past three years) I have volunteered many many hours as a committee member for Illinois' Oral Cancer Awareness Walk/Run.  As a dental hygienist, I can affect change in three ways: 

1. Be clinically competent.
2. Raise awareness. 
3. Secure donations for the Oral Cancer Foundation. 

This year I hit the streets raising awareness by visiting many of the businesses I frequent. After spreading the word about early detection, I asked if the team members would take a photo with my oral cancer awareness sign.  My 80 year old mother even helped me with this event. You will see I visited Starbucks, Mario Tricocci, Ruth's Chris, Soma Intimates, the Golf Club of Illinois, Milwaukee Zoo, Lake Geneva boat dock, the Octoberfest Players at the Anvil club, and many more places of business.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, I was the 4th top fundraiser in Illinois for the Oral Cancer Foundation! Together we DID make a difference!