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Gum Disease & Your Heart

Did you know gum disease has been linked to heart disease?  We now know that ignoring the growth of bugs in your mouth can lead to more than just bad breath and bleeding gums.  For starters, not keeping the bacteria in your mouth in check will lead to inflammation in other parts of the body.  Yup!  This is a fact.  Gum disease and bleeding gums are linked to increased C-reactive protein levels.

To add insult to injury, research shows that bleeding gums lead to elevated cholesterol and blood sugar.  These findings are not good news for borderline diabetics with inconsistent oral hygiene and nutrition.  Gum disease, like most all other forms of chronic illness, is entirely preventable.  The funny thing is most consumers shop for overpriced over-the-counter items to help with bad breath, while neglecting higher priority health concerns.  We know that gum disease has much broader implications than possible bad breath.
A hallmark sign of gum disease is bleeding gums.  Smokers beware and don’t be fooled.  Many times gum disease in someone who smokes cigarettes may go unnoticed as bleeding gums because chemicals in cigarettes cause blood vessel constriction in the mouth.  Otherwise, the point is healthy gums don’t bleed!  If we look beyond the mouth, we aim to treat the entire person when we treat gum disease.