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Child Health Undressed

The inside scoop on child health revealed.  Examples of damaging cultural, food and nutrition trends are endless.  What may not be as apparent is the role proper orthodontics plays in child health.  We’ll partner with you to protect your children and instill the strategies needed for a lifetime of health.  Child health is the groundwork for providing healthy smiles and preventing chronic diseases in adults.


It’s no surprise that soda, bottled water, sports drinks and canned juices have no value as nutrition and lead to enamel destruction, poor bone health, obesity and diabetes.  What might come as a surprise is that the total number of calories consumed is a less relevant piece to the child health puzzle.  Further, what has been overlooked by many is that good nutrition in the absence of proper oxygen levels to the brain is equally limiting to child health.  Don’t take our word for it.  Hold your breath for five minutes and see what happens.


Sadly, the majority of orthodontics performed failed to look beyond the symptoms of crooked teeth.  Other than nutrition, the single most important factor in child health is well maintained airway posture that allows consistent oxygen saturation to the brain and body.  More specifically, a well maintained airway during the REM phase of sleep.  How is this accomplished?  By restoring the upper and lower dental arches to their proper size and shape, airway orthodontics allows the correction of the root cause of the problem; not just the symptom of crooked teeth.


Have you ever wondered why many people require orthodontics for a second time due to relapse?  You guessed it!  Symptom treatment never corrected the original flaw - the lack of space.  Plus, crowded teeth are the least of our worries in total child health.  A more dire consequence is the further limitations the lack of space imposes on the tongue; leading to a narrow breathing tube, child snoring, speech impediments and more.  The ultimate fate is chronic oxygen decline.


“Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.”

-Mark Twain


We believe child health centers around proper nutrition and oxygen utilization.  Warning!  Traditional orthodontics can lead to an overall reduction in size and shape of the mouth and face.  Admittedly, our view on child health and prevention hasn’t changed.  For over four decades, Innovative Dental Professionals has known that proper oxygen levels and nutrition are the hallmark to child health.


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