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Airway Orthodontics

Why on earth would someone want to get orthodontics twice, especially considering the cost of braces.  Even if getting braces were free, going through the entire process of orthodontics the first time is aggravation enough.  The wires rubbing on the cheeks, food getting caught everywhere, and near impossible to floss—no wonder why braces for teeth are not cool.


What if you could eliminate the risk of tooth relapse and reduces the need for braces?  That’s right!  Orthodontics performed in a way that does not require braces for teeth in half the patients.


At Innovative Dental Professionals, we believe that braces should be used as briefly as possible.  As a result of this shortened period in braces, our patients have an easier time keeping their teeth and gums clean.  And the story gets better....  Despite what you have heard, orthodontics done right always considers the airway first and never requires the removal of healthy teeth.  Airway orthodontics is the most advanced and simple method to cure crowding and crooked teeth. 


CAUTION!  If you are looking to get orthodontics and the cost of braces is a concern for you, removing healthy teeth will not only put a bigger dent in your pocket, the removal of teeth will likely lead to sleep disordered breathing and other facial feature flaws; most notably one’s nose appearing much larger than it really is.  The true cost of braces has implications far beyond the dollars coming out of your checking account.


Ask yourself why the teeth are crooked to begin with?  If there is not enough space for the teeth, how can there be enough space for the tongue?  The single most important factor in maintaining a proper breathing tube is the relationship between the size and shape of the upper and lower jaws to the tongue. 


Shouldn’t the cost of braces include the straightening of teeth along with treating the root cause of the crowding?  Many have forgotten the known fact that “form follows function.”  Not us.  We know without the proper function of muscle in the head and neck, the overall form of the bone in the upper and lower jaw will not grow and develop to accommodate all the teeth. 


Airway orthodontics corrects this root cause of crooked teeth and uses braces for teeth only as the finishing touch.


Don’t be misled.  In the first place, braces for teeth are symptom treatment and fail to address the root cause of why the teeth are crooked.  That is often why patients need orthodontics a second time.  The majority of orthodontics out there actually reduces the size of the mouth.  While doing so, the undersized mouth is not large enough to park the tongue.  This condition becomes amplified during sleep and later leads to sleep apnea.  As a result, the unwritten cost of braces places a burden on the body’s ability to maintain proper oxygen levels throughout the day and night.  No oxygen; no life.


Unlike airway orthodontics, traditional orthodontics fails to achieve balanced facial symmetry, ignores airway function and allows relapsing of the teeth to the prior position courtesy of flawed muscle function.  Kill three birds with one stone.  Contact us today for your airway orthodontics assessment and take the first step to longer lasting straight teeth, oral health and wellness.