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ADHD & Crooked Teeth

What in the world do we know about ADHD?   Maybe more than we think considering the experts don’t fully agree on the causes of ADHD either.  From our perspective, the answer is right below our nose – literally.  Before we incriminate crooked teeth, let’s review some ADHD basics. 


For starters, we know that ADHD is characterized by a dysfunction of the pre frontal cortex of the brain where problem solving, attention, reasoning and planning take place.  Another interesting finding is that many children with ADHD have motor coordination problems.


Where do these findings lead us?  For one, the role of oxygen in ADHD cannot be ignored.  It is no surprise that the drug stimulants used to treat ADHD attempt to improve brain oxygenation.  Let’s not forget coordination.  Why?  Because the cerebellum is responsible for muscle control and happens to be the most oxygen sensitive area of the entire nervous system.  No oxygenation; no coordination. 


In addition, ADHD has been linked with sleep disordered breathing in children.  Children suffering from sleep disordered breathing have oxygen deprivation challenges.  Because research conducted by Ronald Chervin M.D., David Gozal M.D. and others recognized that sleep disordered breathing patients had a higher incidence of behavior problems, it was no wonder why the surgical removal of tonsils in ADHD patients led to improvements in both behavior and sleep. 


Do enlarged tonsils really cause sleep problems?  Yup, indirectly they can!  Believe it or not, probably as much as crooked teeth can.  Truthfully, other than poor nutrition, the direct cause of a sleep problem is likely the lack of oxygen to the brain; not necessarily the tonsils or teeth.  In the case of crooked teeth, we know that the underdeveloped mouth which causes the crowding of teeth also leads to a cramped tongue.  Untreated, this is a recipe for poor facial growth that includes a narrowed breathing tube.  The net effect is deprived sleep and lowered brain oxygen.  Not good.  Especially, for a child that may have a hyperactive tendency. The good news is we can fix it without amputating teeth or tonsils.


What’s the point?  Open the airway Jack. The brain needs oxygen to function.  The crooked teeth, inflamed tonsils, ADHD, restless leg, snoring, bedwetting or etc…are really symptoms; not a diagnosis.  Whether it is ADHD or crooked teeth, we feel that whatever the correct treatment is, it should accomplish two things: increase oxygen to the brain and eliminate the symptom without drugs or surgery. 


By using airway orthodontics, many times we find the tonsils return to their normal size without surgery.  We can enhance the airway and breathing while eliminating the symptom of the crooked teeth entirely.  With total oral health and wellness, ADHD doesn’t stand a chance.  Treating ADHD is a complex topic, indeed.  As is so often the case, many jump to stimulant drugs and amputation of tonsils and teeth for ADHD and crooked teeth treatment.  Contact us today for non invasive and innovative wellness treatment.